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Referral networking has the name suggests has been one of the primordial component for enterprises to run their business successfully. It can also prove to be one of the essential ingredient to run a business in a more efficient and effective manner.

e-Vyapar Exchange: The next generation business opportunity platform

E-Vyapar Exchange is a referral platform is a conceptual network marketing in Hyderabad which works on the principle of mutual benefit system that would enthusiastically enhance the specific requisite goal set of the members who are part of the e-vyapar exchange program (EEP).

The interim benefits of the Exchange Program

  • 1. The members receive qualified leads all the time.
  • 2. The referred customers would persistently increase all the time.
  • 3. The referred customers develop a kind of loyalty for recurring sales.

Our Objective

To CONNECT business community in a relation, BUILD through technology and GROW business through EVE.

Our Vision

EVE initiates, indoctrinates, involves, instructs and impacts businesses and entrepreneurs.

Our Mission

To bond businesses supportively closer and mutually complimentary.

e-vyapar Network
Why create a referral network?

The most tangible reason to have a referral Network is the kind of value addition it brings to the seller when they are badly stuck with a bottleneck of selling hard.

  • ●   The efficacy of Referral Network works efficiently as the buyer gets to know about the seller well before taking up a purchasing decision, the referred network persistently ensures that the product or services gets sold or purchased among the members much easily.
  • ●   Through referral network, there are “Higher chances that the members with the knitted network would have heard about one of its members is looking out for a particular service provider which serves the best for the taker”
  • ●   The other profound reason to have referral network is that, members within the network are completely aware of the kind of industry the product or service belongs to and it becomes about an innate clarity for both the buyer and seller to have a smooth commercial transaction.

The Core Objective and Philosophy of EEP

E-Vyapar Exchange under its initiative of EEP constantly works on the principle of receiving good quality referrals for the members in a most enjoyable and progressive environment much to the delight of each members. The exchange platform lays its emphasis that the individual members get benefitted to reach the goals in the long run with Dignity, Integrity, Empathy and Fun as the basic ingredient.

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