Givers Club

The givers club are the members who are stalwarts in their business acumen and they in turn become the part of eVyapar exchange and they become the entity who are identified as a giver for the vyaparis.

The givers club often gives the opportunity to the Vyapar members, who are associated with the Vyapar group and they get benefitted of the services offered by the E-Vyapar Exchange Program (EPP)

The givers club can be compared to that of “Karna of Mahabharata”, as Karna was known among the peers as a giver. Similarly, the “givers” are always prepared to give at any moment profusely without an iota of thinking.

The proven benefits from the Givers Club
  • 1. The entire transaction that happens with the giver community focuses on the business processes and functions.
  • 2. The Vyapar members seamlessly manage the business processes through the service offered.
  • 3. The service offered are deemed as the most vital ingredient among the Vyapar members, which measures the progress made towards meeting the respective goals and objectives.
  • 4. The central focus from the givers club, is that the service offered often helps in building trust and loyalty among Vyaparis.
  • 5. The givers club significantly adds business acumen and bring forth the tremendous value to the overall economy in the ecosystem.

Benefits for the Givers Club

The benefits that a giver’s club would be honoured with from the entire transactions are:

  • ● Assured quality
  • ● Best pricing
  • ● Become the best patronage from e-Vyapar exchange.

These interactions could aspire a case of a win-win, non-conceive situations which are in accordance with the governing laws of the e-vyapar exchange.


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