Any individual or a business unit who already has got his own entity or a startup can become a member for EEP. The mandatory prerequisites for a EEP is to attend meeting twice in a month and also to participate in various training programs organized by EEP

The first prerequisite to enrol as a member for EEP is to fill in the enrolment form from the E-Vyapar Exchange site, Get in touch. After the successful submission of your credentials, EEP representative would get in touch with you who guide you through the entire process.

The regular meetings of EEP member would be organised at a 3-star and above standard hotel and EEP organisers would keep you intimated about the same well in advance.

This is organised with the HEAD TABLE consist of e-Vyapar Corporate, Area Franchisee Head coupled with few coordinators with the structured agenda.

It is the script driven meeting, consist of:

  • (a) Welcome Address
  • (b) Update on EPP
  • (c) VYAPAR JAM by members
  • (d) Bi-weekly presentation
  • (e) Passing of Referrals
  • (f) Thanks note, Testimonial

The meeting concludes with a bang of announcement of NETWORK leaders and forthcoming events of e-Vyapar.

Vyapar Jam is an activity undertaken by EEP and which includes a 1 minute presentation of the products and services which the entity carries in every meeting. As a part of our value added services, we have a special training conducted for members on how to present yourself for the product or service presentation.

Suppose X sent reference to Y , since Y is already having too many work orders he can decline the Referral sent by X, in such case Z will receive the referral of X if Z is in the same category but different location

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