Privacy Policy

privacy policy

How we use the Information that we collect from our e-Vyapar Network (EEP)
  • ● The backend team of EEP is constantly involved in collecting and storing information of the users who tend to visit our site for the first and and for the frequent visits.
  • ● We use the information collected to process your requests and hence make attempts to fulfill those.

Collecting Transactional Information
  • ● At any point of time, when a member initiates his motive to use the network. EEP collects and store certain information about you.
  • ● However, in no circumstances that the network gets involved in the disclosure of your personal information to third parties for the purpose of direct marketing.

Member Responsibility
  • ● While EEP provides a dynamic platform for the members to interact with other members in the network responsibly, we would appeal the members to use the network diligently.
  • ● EEP does not take responsibility for any untoward incident between the members through the services offered by both or otherwise.
  • ● The individual or the business entity who becomes the members are subjected to the individual privacy policy and terms and conditions. It becomes quite apparent that the members review the privacy policy of each member.


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