EEP Franchising

Evyapar Exchange Franchising Program (EEFP)

e-Vyapar Exchange as a part of its business enhancement to the members, offers comprehensive range of franchising options for specific members who hold a business entity and who hold the channel network, distribution, dealership for a particular product or services and want to extend their business solution as a part of the e-Vyapar Franchising Program (EEFP).

The members of e-Vyapar Exchange can opt for a particular Franchisee Arm and get enrolled as a Master Franchise State Arm, Franchise City Arm & Franchise Area Arm respectively, which could further enhance and extend their area of operations through EFFP.

The Franchising Structure of EFFP

The eVyapar Exchange Program (EEP) has structured the Franchising Option Hierarchy (FOH), as per the distribution network the members carry. The members can opt for the following FOH structure mentioned below:

Franchise State Arm (FSA)

The Franchise State Arm (FSA) or the Master Franchise Program (MFP) is designed for members who are currently carrying out distribution or channel network of a product or a solution as Distributor/Stockist/ Carry & Forwarding Agency pertained to a Complete State Cluster (CSC).

The FSA should
  • ● The members who wish to take up Franchise State Arm should have adequate staff to handle transactions from the entire state.
  • ● The Franchise City Arm and Franchise Area Arm would be have their commercial coordination with Franchise State Arm on a regular basis.
  • ● Members who enroll for FSA, should be able to give his time for both EEP and the area franchise meeting on a regular basis.
  • ● The tenure of FSA, with EEP is 5 years from the date of final confirmation sign up.


Franchise City Arm (FCA)

The Franchise City Arm (FCA) is designed for members who are currently having the distribution or the channel network as a dealer for particular city.

The FCA should
  • ● The FCA have to be constantly reporting to FSA for all the updates and reports pertained to the commercial transactions of the city.
  • ● Should have a minimum number of staff to handle the queries pertained to the chosen city in the cluster.
  • ● The FCA should allocate his time for the meeting on fortnightly basis with FSA and EEP.
  • ● The tenure of FCA, with EEP is 3 years from the date of final confirmation sign up.


Franchise Area Arm (FAA)

The Franchise Area Arm (FAA) pertains to any individual who are involved in the franchise sales pertained to one local area.

The FAA should
  • ● The basic responsibilities of FAA is to ensure that Individual Member will attend the meeting, pass referrals there by enhance business of fellow members thus business grow with mutual win win for members.
  • ● The individual would be reporting to his FCA and EEP.
  • ● The individual should have a minimum computer competency and would be in a position to independently handle the area operation.
  • ● The area to be allocated for FAA would be decided by both FCA and EEP as per the allotment availability.
  • ● The tenure of FAA, with EEP is 1 year from the date of final confirmation sign up.


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